1965 Plymouth Valiants

This is My "Other" Car

  • 1965 Station Wagon
  • 100 Series
  • Turquoise
  • Slant 6
  • Automatic
  • Great for Groceries
  • Chauffeuring Dogs

I bought the Wagon in the spring of 1999. I was living on the East Side of Detroit at that time; as I drove to the pet store in St. Clare Shores to get some cat food for my hungry felines, I saw this "Mint Parfait Surprise of a Vehicle" parked in an empty lot a 'For Sale' sign was stuck on the windshield and I just had to stop. Curiously I looked in inside and saw a turquoise hair clip on the visor; I knew right then I just had to have this car. My friend Mark came over later in the day and I took him to see the car, he told me that this was a car that he could absolutely picture me in. How convenient, it just happened to be my 24th birthday so I decided to buy myself a gift.  I called and called and called but the owner was out of town for the holiday weekend. Finally I got a ring back and went over for a test drive. My knock on the door was answered by a few barks, the door opened and I was greeted by Sheila a slightly older version of me, how fittingly perfect!
The glove box gifted a pair of matching turquoise sunglasses in a turquoise case.

Car Shows and Cruise'

  • Motor City Cruise Fest: 1999
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 1999
  • Co/op Optical Classic Car Show: 2000
  • Motor City Cruise Fest: 2000
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2000
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2001
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2002
  • The Official Dream Cruise Car Show: 2003
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2003
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2004
  • Clawson Car Show: 2005
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2005
  • Clawson Car Show: 2006
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2006
  • After Glow Car Show: 2006
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2007
  • Hamtramck Hustle: 2008
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2008
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2009
  • Metro Parks Car Show: 2010
  • Woodward Dream Cruise: 2010
  • Hamtramck Hustle: 2010
  • Hamtramck Hustle: 2011

The Valiant needs some cosmetic work on her body; the rear fenders are a tad bit rusty and there are a few spots of surface rust here and there. I don't think she is in that bad of shape considering her age and the lack of restoration. Regardless of the rust people always smile and comment on her every time they see her. I would like to keep her as stock as possible, but I'm not sure if I want to keep vinyl seats. I just got a radio, bezel, and original rear view mirror out of a '65 Barracuda.



This is My Other "Other" Car

  • 1965 Sedan
  • 100 Series
  • Light Blue
  • Slant 6
  • Manual

After a nice coat of wax, he was pushed into the garage for winter storage...